You are what you eat. In our office, we truly believe that what you put in your body is foundational for your health and well-being. Taking this statement a step further, what you eat has everything to do with what you digest, absorb, assimilate, and how you eliminate.

We emphasize whole food nutrition, which is as close to its natural, unprocessed state as possible. Our bodies are going to function the best when the nutrients that we put in are from foods and animals grown and raised humanely without chemicals or synthetic substances being added to them.

“Good health comes from good nutrition, and the best nutrients come from whole foods.” -Dr. Royal Lee

Our office employs a Certified Functional Nutritionist. She works closely with each individual, listens to concerns and provides support while going through the process of making diet and lifestyle changes, which will move you towards greater health and wellness. Part of her role is to provide you with resources as to where you can find healthier food options and also direct you towards easy to implement recipes, to make your transition into whole food eating easier.